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Alibaba To Generate 30% Of Jobs In China’s Digital Economy

By 2035, the “Alibaba economy” could generate about 30% of all the jobs available in China’s digital economy, according to a new report published by management advisory firm Boston Consulting Group.

The just-released study “Year 2035: 400 Million Job Opportunities in the Digital Age” said the e-commerce giant, which has expanded into cloud computing, financial technology, media and entertainment, could account for as many as 122 million of the 415 million total jobs available in China’s digital economy, or 29.4%.

The report looked at the larger impact that technology would have on employment and talent over the coming two decades, estimating that China’s digital economy would make up 48% of the country’s total economy in 2035, accounting for US$16 trillion in spending. In 2015, those numbers were 13% and US$1.4 trillion respectively, and just over 100 million jobs.